Surprise your loved ones
with the a personal Christmas gift !
Surprise your loved ones with the a personal Christmas gift !

About us

We believe that happiness is created by moments you cherish with the people you love

We all have that special moment where your heart skipped a beat. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hold on to that moment and create a lasting memory?

We give you the opportunity to pin that special memory and give it a place in your home. Create your own personalised city map from anywhere in the world!

Our story

Combining a passion for data visualisation, interior design and travel a new idea was born. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2017 we launched our idea into the world.

An awesome map editor was build to create your own map. Just choose your place, pick a design, name your moment and  you’ll get a beautiful personalised city map.

The city maps have a minimalistic and scandinavian design in high quality containing the finest details. These unique designs can be used in every interior due to the various styles that are available. The city maps can be delivered all over the world.

Hold on to your memories and cherish that special moment!

the founders

We are Roel Heesterbeek and Lara Wessels, the founders of Place the Moment. We have a passion for traveling, interior design and digital innovation.

We are an entrepreneurial and ambitious duo born in Eindhoven and we both have a technical background in digital marketing and agile development. 

We already have a number of lovely Place the Moment posters at home to cherish our special moments. The most recent one of a beautiful uninhabited Thai island where Roel popped the question and Lara said yes.